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From Fury to Freedom at Pinnacle’s Peak…

Where do you go from pinnacle’s peak?

Shuffle with sheep, who lead you astray?

Wander in wilderness where dark horses dwell?

Or stomp the stampede of regret and sorrow

Leaning on promises of the Mighty Warrior

You alone were built to become?

Shame now worn as a badge of honor

Lingering only in the shadow of your mind

Gone but not forgotten

Your past but a detoured journey strengthening your soul

Leading to hope and promises of tomorrow

A light from the darkness that will always prevail.

A Brave Warrior whose blade, now laid to rest

Possessing divine protection which cannot falter

Soars above with wings like eagles

Emerging from flames of fire

Afraid no more, your story be told

From fury to freedom, alive evermore.

For Jordan 2/2018


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