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Another Year Blessed...

Dear Lord,

Thank you that you love me enough to have woken me up to another day. Thank you that you have given me a strong desire to love, honor and cherish You above all else. Please help me to always know Your spirit is within me, and therefore I shall not fail.

Through You, please help me to always remember I can do ALL things.

As I go about this year, the last one before I reach yet another milestone I hope not to take for granted, please help me be intentional about how I live my life, and may it continue to reflect the light that comes from You alone.

Please let Your words guide my actions, to keep faith, hope and love as guiding forces against an enemy that only comes to lie, kill and destroy. You have filled all who believe with Your mighty strength, a spirit of sound mind, self-control and loving kindness that knows no boundaries. Please help me be intentional in allowing fruits of the spirit overpower negative emotions or thoughts in which evil forces may cast my way.

You have loved me through the deepest valleys, You have graciously scooped me up from the depths of hell and given me a new hope, that I can live a life worthy of Your name. That I can love without condition, and trust without borders.

Lord, I know I don't deserve the love I have so freely been given, so please help me be thankful that Your provisions are always enough. You are my strength, my miracle, my salvation. To you, may I always give my all. I ask these things in Your precious name, Amen!


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