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All Control is in Him

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

As I sit here in silence before the demands of my mind distract me from the One true source, I'm reminded he's still in control.

The one who placed the stars in the sky, who called us by name before we were born.

He patiently waits for us to be still, and loves us when we tell ourselves we cannot.

We are creators of so much of our own suffering, yet he gives us the answers through the word, and with his only son, whose within us to activate at all times.

The controls of this world were never ours to grasp, the illusion of power was never ours to gain.

As children of the most high God, we know His ways are better than the plans we create for ourselves.

He has good things in store for those who turn from a sinful past and place their fear into His hands to restore it to faith.

Who are we to think we alone can fix this, who are we to believe we have the right answers?

We are merely humans trying to make sense of our existence when what we thought defined us was abruptly stripped away by a virus we can't see.

I believe there's a lesson in this pandemic for all of us, Lord, please let us learn it!

Speak boldly so we will listen!

Nudge us when we need to be your hands and feet!

Give us discernment to distinguish darkness from light!

Let the truth of any corruption or deceit be unveiled, so together we may stand!

And please Lord, fill our hearts with love, so we may give away what was never ours to harbor.

Thank you Lord for allowing us patience when we desire immediate response.

Thank you that we can extend grace when our selfish ways cloud our judgment.

Thank you that your merciful hands will end our suffering, but not a moment early nor a second late.

Thank you for your truth that's never failed us.

And thank you for loving us through the valleys of fear and desperation, as we make our way toward the mountains of hope and restoration.

We look to you, we trust in You, we love you, dear Lord.

The One who truly has all control.


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